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Membership in the Club shall be of the following classes: Regular Voting, Junior, Associate, Farmer, Honorary

The Board of Governors shall have discretion to establish additional classes of memberships and to fix the entrance fee and dues for each of the present classes and for each additional class when established.

Regular Voting Family: shall include the husband, the wife, or the survivor, and all the members of the immediate family residing in the household except persons twenty-one years or over unless they are full-time college students. The husband, the wife, or the survivor shall each have one vote.

Regular Voting Single: shall consist of an individual who is unmarried, widowed, or divorced. No dependents or relatives of this class may share the privileges of the Club. Members of this class shall have one vote.

Junior: shall consist of those under twenty-one years of age. Junior members are entitled to unlimited hunting privileges only. They do not have the right to vote nor are they automatically included in all social activities. Initiation consideration is given to legacy applicants, individuals whose parents or grandparents are/were members in good standing.

Associate: Associate members shall be approved by a majority vote of the Board. They may remain an Associate member for a minimum of one year and a maximum of three years. Such members shall be entitled to hunting privileges and shall be entitled to attend all social functions of the Club. Such members may attend the annual meeting but have no vote.

Farmer: shall consist of those landowners or farm managers over whose property the Club hunts and who are not regular voting members of the Club. Elections of persons to this class shall be discretionary with the Board of Governors. Farmer members shall be entitled to all the privileges of the Club except the right to vote.

Honorary: shall consist of persons elected to this class by the Board of Governors. They shall be entitled to all the privileges of the Club except the right to vote.

Single memberships are available for persons who are unmarried, widowed, or divorced. Married persons must assume family memberships.

There is no distinction between hunting and non-hunting members.

Sponsoring members should contact Board of Governors Member, Joan Poskey (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), to request an application.

The current membership fees are as follows:

Family: $2,000 anuualy

Single: $1,250 annualy

Young Adult: $1.000 annually