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Although the show was not in Keswick this year, many folks came down to watch and we had several members who were exhibitors.

Catherine Wheeler & BastogneCatherine Wheeler & Bastogne

Catherine Wheeler & BastogneCatherine Wheeler & Bastogne

Grace Blum & TinselGrace Blum & Tinsel

India Mooney & Spring Ridge WillowIndia Mooney & Spring Ridge Willow

India Mooney & Spring Ridge WillowIndia Mooney & Spring Ridge Willow

Will Coleman & TKS CooleyWill Coleman & TKS Cooley

Not pictured are Caroline Blum who showed her jumpers MTM Kappa Kappa Gamma and Glitter Glider and Ellie DuPuis on Paper Trail and Brightside.

Friday night’s festivities were kicked off by the Exhibition of Hounds led by Huntsman Paul Wilson, assisted by Whipper-In Sommers Olinger. While they were in the ring, the announcer read this lovely history of KHC and foxhunting written by Barclay Rives:

2021 Keswick Hunt Club Horse Show Huntsmand Paul WilsonHuntsman Paul Wilson

2021 Keswick Hunt Club Horse Show Huntsmand Paul Wilson Whipper In Sommers OlingerHuntsman Paul Wilson & Whipper-In Sommers Olinger

Huntsman Paul WilsonHuntsman Paul Wilson

Ladies and gentlemen, these are the Keswick Hunt Club foxhounds, under the guidance of Professional Huntsman Paul Wilson and whipper-in Sommers Olinger. The Keswick hounds are American Foxhounds, bred over centuries for this country’s weather and terrain, and recognized as a distinct breed from English Foxhounds. The American Foxhound is the official State Dog of Virginia.

The Keswick Hunt Club, which is now celebrating its 125th anniversary, was founded in 1896. Keswick hounds presently hunt designated territory in Albemarle, Louisa, Madison, and Orange Counties. The kindness of landowners who give permission to hunt on their land makes the sport possible. The work of professionals and volunteers, along with the generosity of supporting members allows hunting to continue. Keswick and other foxhunting clubs promote efforts to conserve farmland, forest, and open space.

Huntsman Paul Wilson was born in South Shields, in northeast England. He rose through the ranks of hunt service in England, Ireland, Italy, Pennsylvania, and Canada before coming to Keswick in 2017. Paul cares for the hounds from the moment they are whelped. After regular and attentive handling during their early months, puppies join the pack when they are one year old. Paul and his staff walk the pack out of the kennels for exercise and training every day. Each hound learns his or her name, as well as voice commands and signals from the huntsman’s horn. The huntsman fosters the hounds’ genetic inclination to hunt by scent as a pack, and he cultivates their desire to please. These foxhounds have friendly and cheerful dispositions.

People have been hunting with hounds since ancient times. Although foxes were long considered lowly unsuitable game, foxhunting became popular in 18th century England. Stag hunters noticed that when their hounds ran foxes instead of deer, chases were long and lively. Colonists first brought hounds to this country in the 1600s, and George Washington was a keen lifelong foxhunter. Since then, Americans have bred hounds for keener scenting ability and louder cry. They must be able to pursue their quarry through dense forest and mountain terrain without assistance from the huntsman. Nowadays, highway traffic and other hazards in Keswick country demand that hounds must be attentive to their huntsman, and willing to give up the chase if necessary. Their obedience helps ensure their safety.

Hunting is a test that allows hounds, horses, and people to demonstrate honesty, courage, stamina, patience, and other virtues. For the foxhunter, the music of the pack in full cry is a lovely symphony. We hope you’ve enjoyed meeting our foxhounds, and thank you for your attention.

Following the Exhibition of Hounds was the Leadline Class with several (hopefully!) future hunting members of KHC.

Charlie Coleman RosebudCrosby Scalise on Roy Rogers

Crosby Scalise & Roy RogersRalston Scalise on Colonel

Ralston Scalise & ColonelCharlie Coleman on Rosebud

We also had new trophies honoring two much loved KHC individuals: Sally Lamb and Eddie Watson.

The inaugural Eddie Watson Horsemanship Award was presented to Alan and Jessi Lohman. Alan and Jessi consistently exemplify incredible horsemanship and you’ll never see Jessi without a smile on her face. Congratulations!

Eddie Watson wins the Horsemanship AwardEddie Watson wins the Horsemanship Award

The Ladies’ Sidesaddle Division is being ridden today in honor and memory of Sally Lamb. Sally Lamb has been an integral part of the Virginia horse community for decades: Sally Lamb was a longtime member of the Keswick Hunt Club, founder of the Four Horseshoes Youth Foundation, and 2019 Virginia Horsewoman of the Year, as well as a multitude of other accolades. Alongside her husband, David, and son, Matt, Sally has touched the lives of riders and horses across the country.

Matt Lamb and Hannah Harp presenting to Side Saddle Champion Devon ZebroviousMatt Lamb and Hannah Harp presenting to Side Saddle Champion Devon Zebrovious

While Sally loved all aspects of horsemanship and was accomplished in many styles of riding, this division has been dedicated to Sally because of her longtime participation at Keswick and beyond in the sidesaddle. Many times, Sally would compete in this division alongside some of her closest friends. Sally was an accomplished and esteemed participant in the sport, with horses of hers competing at venues such as Madison Square Garden and beyond, raising some of the national champions.

Sally was a friend to everyone she knew and a mentor to many in the Keswick community and far beyond; many of those people of all ages are attending or competing in this year’s show.

To honor Sally’s memory and her steadfast commitment to both the Keswick Horse Show and the horse community, the Keswick Horse Show is pleased to announce the “The Sally Lamb Perpetual Trophy”, given in loving memory of Sally by the Grachus and Harp Families and presented by Matt Lamb and Hannah Harp.