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Expectations of the Three KHC Fields

Keswick has three fields of mounted foxhunters to accommodate the hunting experience, riding ability, and fitness of both horse and rider. 

Keswick is happy to have so many juniors out hunting with us now and for their safety and enjoyment of our sport, we ask riders under thirteen and novice juniors under eighteen to have a designated adult out foxhunting with them. Parents/guardians are asked to arrange for this adult in advance of the meet it at all possible. 

FIRST FLIGHT:  The first field follows closely behind the huntsman. The speed is dependent on the quarry and hunting conditions. Riders and horses should be comfortable traveling over obstacles and differing terrain. This flight is for experienced foxhunters with fit horses.

SECOND FLIGHT:  The second field follows closely behind first flight, jumping only fences that seem reasonable for both horse and rider. This is a great place for both the rider and or the horse to gain confidence and experience, as well as for those whose jumping days are mostly behind them but still want to keep up with the hounds and huntsman. We find by staying close behind first flight, there is much less chance of riders turning the fox towards the pack or roads.  

THIRD FLIGHT:  The third field accommodates riders and horses who need a slower pace out hunting but want to stay as close to the action as is reasonably possible.  This field often takes a parallel line to the movement of huntsman and hounds and therefore tends to see more fox than the first or second flights, who follow behind the huntsman. Third flight is an ideal field for novice riders and horses, as well as anyone who may be challenged by the speed of the first and second fields. Both horses and riders should be comfortable trotting cross country and traversing streams.

With these three options available at KHC, there’s no reason why almost any horse and rider couldn’t enjoy a morning riding behind our wonderful pack of American foxhounds.