Puppy Show

The 15th Annual Keswick Puppy show will be Saturday, September 23, 5:00, 2017 at the Keswick Hunt Club.


The Keswick Hunt Club Puppy Show was established by Ann Coles in honor of her late husband, Eddie Coles. In the early years, the purpose of the event was to encourage club members and guests to be aware of the young hounds and to have a wonderful party. Ann’s efforts for 10 years developed the Puppy Show into a major fundraiser to benefit the hounds while continuing the tradition of a fun event.


This year the Puppy Show has been generously sponsored by Winkie Motley and Sheila Motley in honor of the late Hugh Motley, KHC Former Master who placed great importance on the hounds during his tenure as master. The Puppy Show begins at 5:00 pm with the junior handler’s class starting the show and then the judging will begin with this year’s entries of 15 KHC hounds. The judges will be Charles Montgomery, huntsman for Bull Run, and Matthew Cook, huntsman for Farmington.


During the Puppy Show, the bar will be open with appetizers on the porch, followed by a Pig Roast dinner in the club.


Raise a Hand for the Hounds will happen during dinner as this year’s request for donations for the care and feeding of the hounds. As with “A call to the heart” auction, we will be asking all members to raise their hands at a sponsorship level they feel comfortable with to support the hounds. The Keswick Hunt Club foxhounds are our major resource and their lineage can be traced back hundreds of years. Without them, we would not enjoy the hunting we have today. Please attend the Puppy Show and Raise a Hand for the Hounds!