Hunt Night

Warrenton Horse Show

Hunt Night horse shows are for the foxhunter, both human and equine. The horses showing in the classes especially for these Hunt Night shows are actual field hunters. In fact, the horses must qualify in order to attend the show and have hunted, in the field, a certain number of times. The classes are fun, always hunt formal. There are Corinthian Classes, where the horses must be not only braided from foretop to tail, but the proper tack must be adorned. Riders must also be formally adorned and the ladies are beautiful in their top hats and shadbelly’s, the men handsome in their pinque coats.


Sadly Mother Nature put an early end to Hunt Night this year with a “monsoon” that literally flooded the show grounds and put on a pyrotechnic show that lasted several hours. But despite the limited number of events, Keswick prevailed once again with the Championship!


Many thanks to our 2014 hunt team members: Torston Kramer, Autumn Rogers, and Jennifer Nesbit. Darlene Murphy, who placed 4th in the over 46 Foxhunter Class, Greta Seimen, who placed 8th in the Over 46 Foxhunter, and, with Summers Olinger, placed 3rd in the Hunter Pairs. Sandy Rives and Trish Zorn, who placed 8th in the Hunter Pairs. Jordann Sipe, who won the Junior Foxhunter class. Jill Wilson, who won the 31-45 Foxhunter Class (and also placed 6th) and placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Warm Up. Whitney Gammell, who placed 3rd in the Ladies Hunter Hack. Sarah Poole, who placed 3rd in the 31-45 Foxhunter, and, with Kim Mitchell, placed 6th in the Hunter Pairs, and Rachel McMahon, who placed 4th in the 31-45 Foxhunter, and 7th in the Ladies Hunter Hack. We also must thank Sally Lamb for all the great horses she provides for the team, as well as hosting the practices, the tailgate at the show, etc., etc.!


All in all, Keswick Hunt Club did very well and as earlier mentioned was 2014 Hunt Night Champion Hunt.
Warrenton Horse Show Results